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With unemployment in San Diego recently dipping down to the 4.6% level, the local jobs market is strong and growing. Here are the largest employers in San Diego (excluding government agencies and universities) that are playing the biggest role in employing the city:

Barona Resort & Casino

While Vegas is less than 300 miles away…Barona strives to fulfill its promise to be the happiest casino on earth, and boasts over 5,000 employees. The company is engaged in gambling operations and activities, and the luxury resort, spa, golf courses, casino and restaurants make Barona an exciting place to work or play.

General Dynamics NASCCO

Few people realize the tank builder General Dynamics also possesses an entire naval division that specializes in transport vessels. NASSCO is an American shipbuilding company specializing in constructing commercial cargo ships and auxiliary vessels for the US Navy and Military Sealift Command. With 5,000 employees, GDN boasts supportive and knowledgeable senior management and is a great place to start a career.

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser strives to advance its mission and vision of ‘total health’ and is one of the nation’s largest not-for-profit health plans, serving over 10M members. Founded in 1945, Kaiser is known to be a strong advocate for healthy living both for its members and employees. KP also shows a strong commitment to the community and environment with its Environmental Stewardship program, anchored in community benefit work.

Scripps Research Institute

SRI is one of the world’s largest private, non-profit medical research organizations and focuses on research and education in the biomedical sciences. The atmosphere is collegial, relaxed and informal. SRI is a place where collaborative spirit is highly encouraged in the pursuit of scientific excellence. The institute employees 2,700 scientists, technicians, graduate students and other staff.

Sea World

Politics aside, Sea World is a world famous tourist destination in Southern California since 1964, and the company pays San Diego approximately $1M per month for the land it leases. The park features killer whales, sea lions, dolphins, and rides and entertainment for all ages. Working at SeaWorld is great for one’s social skills, as you meet new people and learn the value of teamwork, customer service and work ethic.

Despite recent stock volatility, with strong jobs growth and low interest rates, the real estate market in San Diego continues its upward trend. Local construction is also growing at an impressive pace with 9.4% growth over the prior year, San Diego added 6,000 construction jobs in 2015.